Polyester PET Panel – Its Multiple Benefits For Numerous Uses

Posted by Admin on October, 31, 2023

PET Polyester Acoustic Panels are an acoustically spongy panel made from 100% PET plastic with a felt-like finish. These Polyester Acoustic Panels are Porous which makes them preferably appropriate for Acoustic Treatment, sound absorption, Heat and thermal insulation. These PET Acoustic Panels supplied by the polyester PET panel supplier can be applied for both Wall Paneling and False Ceiling. These polyester acoustic panel includes flame-retardant fibres and is an Eco-friendly product.

Applications of Polyester PET Panel

Polyester PET acoustic panel is an extremely durable absorbing material made of recycled polyester. PET acoustic panel is extensively used in Theaters, Home theatres, Auditoriums, Concert halls, Gymnasiums, and Commercial spaces such as Conference rooms, Meeting rooms, Common areas, Recording Studios, Home audio-visual rooms etc.

When associated with other audio panels or foams such as wood wool board, fibreglass glass wool or rock wool, tacit polyester PET Acoustic panels are lighter, easy to handle and easy to install. These panels also have a Pre-finished surface when associated with other Acoustic Panels. They are obtainable in different colours and can be cut into any shape probable. Thus, making it a vastly optional Acoustic Panel by architects and interior designers.

Benefits of using the Polyester PET Panel


Tacet Polyester PET Acoustic Panel / Board is very stress-free to install. It can be straight glued to a plastered wall or any other form of board such as Plywood, Gypsum Board, cement board etc. using a strong glue such as Fevicol SR. The Audio Panel can be cut into any form and size using a sharp blade. Thus, creation is a "Do It Yourself' product.


When likened to other Acoustic panels, PET Polyester board provides a comparatively high Noise Reduction Coefficient. These Acoustic Panels have an NRC value that ranges from 0.75 - to 0.80, making them a perfect product for Home Theater, Theaters, Auditoriums, Office space, Conference rooms, Recording studios etc.


TACET Polyester PET Acoustic Panels are made from extremely high-quality polyester material and are very high in thickness. The Acoustic Panels do not need any form of superior maintenance. Regular dusting and vacuum cleaning are adequate to maintain the truth and aesthetics of the Acoustic panels.


TACET Polyester PET Acoustic Boards are extremely safe and eco-friendly. The arrangement of the Acoustic Panel mostly comprises 80% Recycled PET and 20% Virgin PET. The Acoustic Panels do not produce any harmful substances throughout installation unlike Fiber Glasswool or Mineral Rock Wool. The Product is Non-carcinogenic and comprises no harmful substances of any nature.


These are made of high-quality material with a high longevity. TACET Polyester PET Acoustic Panels are made from High-Quality raw material and with marginal maintenance, the panels will not degrade or deform for over 10 Years.


Apart from having noble Acoustic Treatment Properties, TACET Polyester PET Acoustic Board deliver very good insulation from Thermal and heat as well. After installation, the room or space tends to be cooler by a few degrees when compared to the other rooms. The Acoustic Panels insulate the room from any form of outside heat up to a certain level.

Things to consider before using the polyester PET panel


Is the first panel just like all the others and, also as significant, is each polyester acoustic panel consistent within itself?

One of the important giveaways of an unpredictable process is that one panel does not look like the next. When dealing with large-scale projects, even minor steadiness glitches can stand out when looking from panel to panel or from one section of a panel to another. Unluckily, due to the nature of the panel manufacturing process, it is difficult for panels to be identical, but the closer they are, the enhanced.


The delivery of colours in a panel is one of the first things to stand out. Many panels have a “feathered” look to them. This comes from the unification of two or more colours of fibre together. Do you see clumps of color? Or is everything consistently spread out?


Another one of the most conspicuous attributes comes when associating the thickness of different panels. When employing panels next to each other on a wall or in a line of desk dividers, check to see if the panels are of different widths.

The thickness of each acoustic panel is one of the key drivers of its acoustical absorption competence. Thicker is better!


Many uses for acoustic panels, such as desk dividers, require very stiff panels. Make sure to check if the panels are stiff sufficient for your use. Is each panel reliably stiff? This could be from one corner to another or from one superficial side to another.

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